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How Victoria Beckham connects multiple Expansion Stores after migrating to Global-e Native




United Kingdom

About Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, a Fashion Luxury brand founded in London in 2008, is a beacon of style and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from art and film, the brand masterfully blends classic British luxury with a subtle contemporary flair, resulting in impeccably tailored ensembles, dresses, denim, and separates adorned with signature touches like off-kilter prints, modern cuts, and captivating color palettes. With a global presence, Victoria Beckham caters to fashion enthusiasts both offline, and online through their website built on Shopify and with the support of Global-e. Operating from offices in London and New York, the brand extends its reach to fashion-forward individuals worldwide, offering them the epitome of refined elegance and cutting-edge fashion.

Orbe's features

Geolocation popup

Connect multiple Expansion Stores

Integration with Global-e

Market Selector


After migrating to Global-e Native checkout, fully compatible with Shopify, in March 2023, Victoria Beckham encountered an issue. Previously, Global-e managed the welcome popups and facilitated the connection of their multiple stores catering to different markets:

However, Victoria Beckham faced a critical challenge in finding a solution that would seamlessly connect their various Expansion stores for different markets and redirect customers to the appropriate store based on their IP address. Not achieving this could have resulted in significant issues, including a potential loss in international sales and a surge in abandoned purchases.

For instance, customers arriving from different channels, such as Social Media, would end up on the .com site, which lacked worldwide shipping capabilities. Consequently, many customers would encounter incorrect prices and proceed to the checkout without the option to specify their shipping preferences beyond the United Kingdom. The frustration arising from such a situation could have further exacerbated the problem. However, thanks to the invaluable assistance of one of Global-e's project managers, they discovered the perfect solution in Orbe.

In addition to connecting their multiple stores seamlessly, Victoria Beckham had specific requirements they needed to fulfill.

As a Fashion Luxury brand, the popups had to reflect their design aesthetics and align with their brand to offer the best possible user experience.

They sought a non-intrusive popup that wouldn't disrupt customers' shopping journey, appearing only when they found themselves in the wrong shopping experience.

As a data-driven brand, it was crucial to have redirections with attribution parameters for their marketing campaigns, enabling them to track the performance of their campaigns in GA4.


Outstanding, stellar and quite simply essential app. It has answered all of the functional deficiencies posed by the native geolocation solution and is expertly supported by a development team who are extremely able and responsive. We cannot enthuse enough about our experience using this product and highly recommend it to all considering its use. We are an exceedingly satisfied customer!"


After installing Orbe, Victoria Beckham's team reached out to the Orbe support team to clarify if the app could meet all their requirements. Following the first demo, they were delighted to find that Orbe was precisely what they needed - a perfect solution to a problem that had arisen during the migration to the new Global-e's native checkout. Orbe's seamless integration with Shopify Markets and Global-e was a game-changer. Effortlessly connecting with Global-e, it adeptly understood their technical idiosyncrasies and displayed the setup for each country, simplifying their market configurations with ease.

Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Victoria Beckham's site in mobile and desktop version.
Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Victoria Beckham's site in mobile and desktop version.
Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Victoria Beckham's site in mobile and desktop version.

Furthermore, Orbe went the extra mile by providing a market selector button at the bottom, empowering customers to reopen the popup and change their market preferences at any time. This allowed customers to proactively switch among stores and shopping experiences with unparalleled flexibility. Now, Victoria Beckham is focusing on enhancing their global sales and trust in Orbe to seamlessly redirect their customers to the appropriate shopping experience, as the best geolocation solution for Shopify.