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How Nanimarquina conceals prices prior to selecting the shopping experience


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About Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina stands as a global leader in contemporary rug manufacturing and interior design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Established as a family brand in 1987, Nanimarquina focuses meticulously on product detail while embracing an environmentally conscious vision that drives innovative processes while honoring tradition. The core mission is to reimagine the rug's concept, seamlessly merging heritage with cutting-edge design and practical sustainability.

With a robust presence encompassing over 400 retail outlets worldwide and gracing the interiors of more than 80,000 homes, Nanimarquina's influence continues to thrive. Through its easily accessible online store, Nanimarquina products effortlessly reach a global audience, extending their transformative impact.

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Much like numerous other brands, Nanimarquina faces the challenge of tailoring its product offerings and prices to specific markets when it comes to localizing shopping experiences. Shopify Markets empowers Nanimarquina to localize their shopping experiences and tailor their offerings by country.

Given their worldwide sales of high-volume design products, price discrepancies across countries are significant. Failing to direct customers to the correct experience could result in lost sales and frustration due to unexpected price increases.

The issue emerged when users encountered product detail pages or saw prices on the storefront; international users noticed that the displayed prices were lower before selecting their shopping experience.

This predicament posed a considerable challenge for the customer support team, inundating them with daily support tickets from customers perturbed by price hikes during checkout or on the product detail page.

To tackle this issue head-on, implementing a geolocation solution like Orbe became imperative.

They presented other needs:

A priority was not to display prices before the shopping experience was chosen, recognizing that prices might vary and preventing ticket-related concerns.

The design had to harmonize with its established look and feel, ensuring a seamless and consistent visual presentation.

A Market Selector feature was imperative. Despite varying prices across markets, they deemed incorporating a user-friendly market selector crucial. This enhancement would enable users to adjust market preferences and elevate the overall user experience.


Their customer service is truly exceptional. When we encountered issues with the popup not functioning correctly, they promptly addressed the problem. Notably, they went above and beyond by proactively suggesting a solution to our agency that effectively resolved the issue. Collaborating with such dependable suppliers is an absolute pleasure, and as a result, our geolocation now operates flawlessly."

Brenda Ruiz


By implementing Orbe, Nanimarquina took a significant step toward resolving the geolocation issue. This change ensured that customers were seamlessly redirected to the appropriate shopping experience. However, challenges persisted in certain scenarios—specifically when driving traffic through marketing campaigns to product detail pages. During the user's first visit to the website, prices for the primary market were visible until the customer selected their shopping experience. This issue was resolved for the second and subsequent visits, as Orbe saves user consent and facilitates automatic redirections. While the geolocation problem was partially alleviated and ticket volumes decreased, customer feedback still indicated ongoing concerns regarding price discrepancies.

Upon reaching out to our team, we comprehensively understood the issue and collaborated to devise a solution that addressed the problem without compromising Nanimarquina's website design. This led to the development of a functionality that subtly blurs the storefront display until the user designates their shipping country. This strategic measure curtails direct price comparisons and significantly reduces the influx of complaints.

Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Nanimarquina's site in mobile and desktop version.
Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Nanimarquina's site in mobile and desktop version.
Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Nanimarquina's site in mobile and desktop version.

Concurrently, we assisted in integrating a bespoke button as the country's flag within the website's header. This button, when clicked, reopens the popup, allowing customers to promptly discern their current shopping experience and make adjustments if necessary.

As a result of these enhancements, Nanimarquina is now well-equipped to foster the expansion of its global sales, furnishing each customer with a precise, localized shopping encounter that eliminates conflicts. Moreover, their customer support team can focus on addressing regular inquiries, as the frustrations surrounding price inconsistencies have significantly diminished.

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