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How Le Skyebleu activated a dynamic announcement bar depending on the Location


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About Le Skyebleu

Le Skyebleu is born from a desire to infuse everyday life with playfulness and sophistication. Founded by two friends, the brand reimagines tech accessories, combining style, functionality, and durability in each meticulously crafted piece. Designed in Australia for a global audience, their collections use premium, sustainable materials with unexpected twists that set them apart.

Beyond design, Le Skyebleu is dedicated to responsible luxury. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, they ensure their products are both high-quality and socially conscious. The brand's accessories not only enhance experiences but also contribute to a brighter, more ethical future.

Orbe's features

Geolocation popup

Dynamic Announcement Bar


In 2023, the Le Skyebleu team embarked on a determined international expansion through their Shopify store, investing time to leverage the full potential of Shopify Markets and tailor the shopping experience to each market.

Despite having configured prices, products, currency, and content specific to each market through Shopify Markets, challenges arose. Redirecting users to the appropriate experience proved problematic; even some who correctly accessed the right experience found themselves veering off-course during navigation, leading them to view incorrect products, prices, currencies, and content.

In search of solutions, various geolocation applications were tested, but none effectively resolved the issues. This resulted in customer dissatisfaction, with complaints about price changes during the checkout process.

Additionally, due to variations in sales terms in each market, Le Skyebleu wanted to configure a dynamic announcement bar in the store header, displaying a different order threshold for free shipping in each market – a crucial requirement for the brand.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank the ORBE team for the exceptional and mind-blowing geolocation app they have created. We've tried a couple of similar apps, but THIS ONE STANDS OUT FROM THE REST with the way it is integrated to the Shopify Markets. In addition to the app, their outstanding customer service truly sets them apart. Luis and Roberto went above and beyond to ensure that our experience was seamless and stress-free. We appreciate all of the effort and attention to detail that was put into assisting us with our customized needs. Thank you guys for such a positive experience! You're on to something big!”

Masumi Shah


In addressing their geolocation issues and requirements, our team delved into the root causes and effectively resolved them by implementing Orbe. We guided Le Skyebleu's development team through necessary theme adjustments to ensure seamless compatibility with Shopify Markets, effectively mitigating the support ticket problem.

No matter the user's entry point or navigation path within Le Skyebleu, Orbe captures user consent and seamlessly directs them to the appropriate experience. Even if a user momentarily deviates from the intended experience, Orbe employs pre-indicated preferences to smoothly guide them back.

Furthermore, Le Skyebleu's country selector prominently displays the user's country flag in both the header and footer, serving as a user-friendly guide and offering the option to switch experiences at will.

Addressing the dynamic announcement bar challenge remained, particularly in showcasing distinct conditions across diverse markets. Orbe's team stepped in to collaboratively devise a solution, leveraging Orbe alongside Shopify's Translate and Adapt app. A comprehensive video guide was created, meticulously detailing the step-by-step configuration process using both applications.

Since installing Orbe, Le Skyebleu has effectively eradicated issues related to users accessing incorrect experiences, enabling them to focus on amplifying their global sales endeavors. Furthermore, they have effectively implemented the expected dynamic announcement bar that changes according to the market, further enhancing their customers' experience.