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How Fik Collaborates with Orbe to Provide Advanced Geolocation Solutions for Shopify Markets


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About Fik

Fik is a distinguished Shopify Plus Partner agency with a rich history spanning over a decade, dedicated to empowering D2C brands within the Shopify ecosystem. Their unparalleled expertise encompasses both frontend and backend development, e-commerce consultation, and a range of other services aimed at driving high-growth transformations, optimizing operations, and maximizing the capabilities of the Shopify platform.

The agency's offerings encompass a diverse array of specialties, including seamless replatforming, bespoke theme development, streamlined payment and checkout solutions, insightful analytics, platform integrations, and mastery of the Shopify POS system.

Advantages of partnering with Orbe

Priority Support

Complimentary Orbe Plus Plan Subscription


When it comes to assisting a client and providing technology-focused e-commerce consultancy, many agencies choose to develop custom solutions to meet their needs. In contrast, Fik is an agency that prioritizes Shopify Plus native solutions whenever possible. Many clients share common needs, which is why sometimes within the Shopify ecosystem, it's possible to find specialized applications that address these needs partially or completely.

Guided by this business vision, Fik aims to connect its clients with partners and build a network of experts in each field to deliver maximum value in every project. When the Fik team encountered a complex geolocation challenge in Shopify Markets, they reached out to the Orbe team.

After a successful experience in solving this geolocation issue, Fik has trusted Orbe into other projects where clients sell internationally and require geolocation to ensure that users always access the right shopping experience.


Each of our clients has a unique Shopify Markets setup and distinct geolocation needs. From day one, the Orbe team has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond their standard geolocation solution, listening to our requirements and integrating customized features to deliver the optimal experience."

David Buxeda


At Orbe, we empower Shopify agencies with advanced geolocation capabilities, enabling them to craft bespoke solutions around our app and offer optimal outcomes to their clients. We actively welcome feedback and are eager to explore opportunities for agencies that choose to develop geolocation solutions centered around a specialized app like Orbe.

We recognize that brands may have diverse geolocation requirements, and we are dedicated to providing them with the tools to address them seamlessly through integration with Orbe. This commitment is reflected in our launch of a Developer Reference, offering technical documentation and resources to assist agencies and clients in optimizing their geolocation strategies.

We recognize that there might be instances where our developer reference falls short. In response, we offer Priority Support to partners like Fik, fostering a collaborative feedback process that enhances Orbe and empowers them with upgraded features for their clients.

In this context, Fik has played a pivotal role in the launch of new app features, which have since become integral components of Orbe. These include functionalities such as:

Full-screen popups

Language-preference-based redirection

Redirection to external expansion stores beyond Shopify

Popup suppression in specific countries

Presently, Orbe stands as a trusted addition to Fik's App Stack, alongside other applications such as Klaviyo, Klarna, Yotpo, and Sendcloud. Furthermore, we continue to embrace collaboration and eagerly welcome input from partners like Fik, as their insights propel our application's evolution, enabling us to furnish our clients with increasingly advanced solutions.