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Why Born Living Yoga Abandoned Shopify's Geolocation App





About Born Living Yoga

Born Living Yoga stands as a Spanish sportswear brand with a ubiquitous global reach, facilitated by their stores built on Shopify.

Established in 2017, Born Living Yoga emerged as a paragon of sustainable athleisure fashion. From its inaugural collection onwards, the brand has remained steadfastly dedicated to its noble duty of safeguarding the environment, seamlessly integrating style with a profound commitment to preserving the planet we all share. Born Living Yoga's inception marked the genesis of a transformative endeavor, embodying both fashion and eco-consciousness, harmoniously intertwined

Orbe's features

Geolocation popup

Connect multiple Expansion Stores


Before adopting Orbe, Born Living Yoga relied on Shopify's free Geolocation app. However, they faced a significant challenge. Their positioning and pricing in every market differ for operational and branding reasons. Despite having a Geolocation app, its accuracy fell short of expectations. With France being their second-largest market, they were swamped with daily support chat complaints from French customers who couldn't access accurate pricing. While users were initially browsing the Spanish version (, discrepancies arose during checkout, causing prices to increase as they transitioned to the French context. This situation sparked frustration among their clientele, leading to reduced purchases and negatively impacting the brand's reputation.

This predicament prompted them to seek an alternative geolocation solution to the native Geolocation app built by Shopify that met specific criteria:

Their foremost requirement was a GDPR-compliant consent popup, drawing inspiration from Zara's approach but tailored to their unique brand aesthetic.

They were adamant about utilizing a popup and dismissing automatic redirection, understanding the potential adverse effect on their SEO. At the time, BORN had cultivated a strong SEO presence for the French market within their subfolder.

Simultaneously, the team was gearing up to launch an expansion store in Mexico, necessitating a solution capable of enabling multi-store geolocation to cater to diverse customer flows.


Very good and useful service from day one. 100% recommended if you're using Shopify Markets and selling in multiple countries. The popup can be customized very easily to match your brand. One of the biggest advantages is that the user's country is automatically preselected based on their location, and once they accept it for the first time, we don't bother them again. We've managed to prevent users from getting lost in our different local versions and they always see the website in their local currency.”

Álvaro Roca


With Orbe, they achieved the expected popup design – featuring a prominent image for the PC version and a minimalist layout tailored for mobile devices, seamlessly aligning with their website aesthetics. Simultaneously, they ensured compliance with data protection regulations and SEO-friendliness by incorporating automatic redirections upon user consent. This strategic approach limited the popup display to the initial visit, thus enhancing the user experience.

Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Born Living Yogas's site in mobile and desktop version.
Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Born Living Yogas's site in mobile and desktop version.
Geolocation pop-up mockup in the Born Living Yogas's site in mobile and desktop version.

Following the installation of Orbe, the geolocation challenge became a thing of the past. No longer did they receive emails from users caught in mismatched shopping experiences. Utilizing Orbe, they adeptly showcased accurate products and prices to each customer, effectively preventing unfavorable shopping encounters that had previously resulted in potential customer losses.

Furthermore, as part of their expansion efforts, they established a dedicated Shopify store for Mexico. This distinct venture was managed by a local team within the country. Leveraging Orbe Plus, just moments before the launch, they seamlessly connected the new store, smoothly transitioning their user base. Consequently, rather than experiencing a localized market within their main store, customers were directed to a separate shopping environment. With Orbe preserving user consent and preferences, Mexican customers revisiting Born Living Yoga were automatically redirected to this new shopping experience within a separate Shopify store.